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12/09/2016: We are currently offering free Annihilus (unidentified) as a bonus to any order above minimum purchase (which is 1eur/1usd for Europe/US realms)
You will see Annihilus added as a free bonus on checkout page automatically
11/26/2016: You are now able to transfer the received items to your main character by using our Mule Helper, please use the new link under the live help support!
Have fun playing and stay tuned for more great news.
11/22/2016: New Ladder season has begun, we are currently working on our new selection, we will update our inventory as soon as we collect our first items!
10/19/2016: We have added a store credit system for all of our members.
All members will now have store credit added to their account balance each time an order is made. The amount of bonus store credit you receive is based on the size of your order. Store credit is just as good as cash, and can be used to purchase anything in our shop! You need an account to make use of this feature.
06/19/2016: New Skill charms and Gear Packages have been added to our selection. We are working 24/7 to provide the best service and a huge variety of products to our loyal customers!

Diablo 2 Ladder Bonus:
$1 - Unid Annihilus
$2 - Ist Rune
$5 - Rune of your choice
$10 - Rune of your choice
$15 - Hoto Flail
$25 - Cta 6 bo
$30 - Enigma Mp
$50 - Five Runes of your choice
$60 - Cta 6/6/4 Bo
$75 - High Runeword from list
$100 - Torch 20/20
$150 - Full Gear Pack
*Bonuses are cumulative.

Diablo 2 Non-Ladder Bonus:
$1 - Enigma AP
$3 - Unid Torch
$5 - Cta 6 Bo
$10 - Enigma 775
$15 - Unid Torch
$20 - Hoto Flail 40% res
$25 - Infinity Eth Cv
$50 - Cta Crystal Sword 6/6/4
$75 - Enigma 775 AP
$100 -Full Gear package
*Bonuses are cumulative.